Background and focus

The leading idea intertwined in the very fibre of this project intervention is to contribute to the development of human resources by improving the quality of human capital, leading to more and better jobs, higher growth and development, and increased national competitiveness at international level.

The existing strategies that need to be taken in consideration are: 

Vocational Education and Training system needs constant innovation according to the labour market needs, to improve the youth employability rate and to increase the economic effectiveness. In addition to this, young people should have the opportunity to be trained in whatever skills their natural gifts and preferences lead them to.

The project “Enhancing Lifelong Learning through Modernizing the Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education Systems” has a goal to support the reforms in the sector with an aim to achieve higher individual and socio-economic efficiency and effectiveness of education and learning, and ultimately enable education and training to be developed to meet economic needs of the labour market.


One of the key project’s interventions is development of a National Strategy for Lifelong Learning 2016-2020. Secondary VET education and adult education constitute two pillars of the strategy which will be designed in the course of the project and will support the direction of VET and AE reforms already outlined in the above mentioned sectoral strategies. This national strategy will support beneficiary institutions to develop a vision for the lifelong learning system in the country.

The five Components of this project are inter-connected and should have bridging actions. Project’s activities are aimed toward: assisting the process of preparation of occupational standards and standards for qualifications, reform of the VET curricula and support to the implementation of the reformed curricula, training of teachers, Directors of VET schools and other relevant staff. Furthermore, the project will support the preparation, developing and testing of necessary adult education programs according to labour market needs, support to establishment and functioning of public adult education institutions on local level, etc.

To find out more about project’s specific activities per component, please access our Factsheet.

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