Adult Education

Are you over 18 years old, and less than 100? Are you aware that you can learn as long as you are alive? Do you want to learn something new or advance your knowledge in what you already do? Do you know that you can get a certificate that confirms your skills? Do you know that this can help you get a job, or get a promotion in your present job?


Then you can enrol in adult education, through various courses and programmes.  There are over 200 certified courses, which means that after completing one you will get a certificate from the training provider that is verified by the AEC (Adult Education Centre) and the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES)! More and more employers value these certificates and ask you to submit for them when you apply for a job. The verified programmes are diverse - from sewing textile and leather, to making jewellery to learning to nurse. If you are already present on the labour market, you can re-skill yourself and use this opportunity to find your new job or start a new business!

You can choose from the list of programmes offered in your Municipality, or you can choose which provider you like best through the AEC web site and can contact them directly.

The adult education programmes have also undergone the process of reforms that enabled for the existent programmes to be revised and new programmes to be created:

  • The adult education programmes are developed through consultation with representatives ofof the labour market and employers in order to create better programmes;  
  • The trainers of the programmes have been through training themselves, in order to assure even higher quality of trainingknowledge transfer;
  • New teaching materials have been prepared;
  • Better cooperation with the self-local governments has been established so that programmes that are offered in Municipalities fit better with the labour market needs;
  • The AE created programmes are created according to the EU standards, so that you can use thewhich means that the certificate is accepted in other countries as well. 


Adult Education reformed programmes

Adult education programmes provide participants with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, skills and competence in line with the current social developments and the needs of the labour market. These programmes are delivered through formal education, non-formal and informal learning.

The programmes that have been reformed focus on the Non-formal education, as part of the Adult education, and are verified by the Adult Education Centre.The non-formal education provide opportunities for acquiring practical, professional and soft skills, as well as for personal development.

The primary goal of the reforms is to offer relevant, flexible and open Adult education programmes that are developed following the technological and social development on a national and European level.

Join an Adult Education course and take your future in your hands!